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Are you looking for a salon that offers both ladies and gents waxing services? You can book an appointment with the specialists from The City Centre Beauty Spot in Cardiff today.

Ladies' waxing services

We use green tea and tea tree oil in this luxurious wax. You can benefit from its antiseptic and skin soothing qualities. The results of our waxing services last from 4-6 weeks.
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For ladies' waxing and electrolysis services in Cardiff, call The City Centre Beauty Spot on 
029 2022 6276
men's waxing

Men's waxing services

Electrolysis and blend hair removal

For many years, electrolysis has been of great help to women with the removal of unwanted hair. At The City Centre Beauty Spot, you can choose from traditional electrolysis or the blend method for long lasting and permanent hair reduction.

As a part of your treatment, your skin is thoroughly cleansed. You are given a small metal bar to hold in the palm of your hand. A fine sterile probe is then selected and passed into the hair follicles. Remember that this is a painless procedure as any follicle is the natural opening in your skin. A careful blend of currents is passed down the probe and from there to the bottom of the hair follicle. 

The procedure destroys some, or in cases, all the growing cells of your hair. If you are looking to opt for this treatment you can consult with our beauty therapists. We discuss your treatment plans depending on how often you may need it. Our consultations are free. Our electrolysis or blend prices are:
  • 5 minutes - £10.00 - Blend - £12.00
  • 10 minutes - £14.00 - Blend - £17.00
  • 20 minutes - £19.00 - Blend - £22.00
Are you looking for more? We provide excellent facials, eye treatments, manicures and massage therapies to customers in Cardiff.
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